DOG WALKERS are becoming ‘frightened’ to exercise their dogs in a Poole park because of the number of dog attacks, one owner has claimed.

Emma Blow, who lives near Whitecliff Park in Poole, claims dogs are being brought to vets “several times a week” after being injured by attacks from various dogs in the open space.

Now she says she is too frightened to walk her pointer, Alfie, after he was attacked by “two Staffordshire bull mastiff type dogs” on October 4.

“I was out after lunch when these two dogs who were not on a lead pounced on Alfie,” she said.

“He is around 25 kg and these two looked to be around 50kg each and they acted as a pair and pinned him to the ground.”

Ms Blow says her pet stood “no chance” as the dogs bit into him. “I could hear Alfie screaming as he managed to get out from under them with a bit of his backside missing and I just prayed he would run.”

She shouted at the dog’s owner to put his pets on a lead but, she claims, he ignored her and walked off towards the children’s play area. “I know I should have photographed it but I was in shock,” she said.

Alfie was treated by a local vet for damage to the muscles of his hindquarters.

“My vet told me they are seeing dogs several times a week with wounds caused by other dogs who had been exercising in Whitecliff.”

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Ms Blow says she is avoiding Whitecliff Park but: “I live really nearby, I should be able to take my dog there without him being attacked. But I’m at my wits end because when I go there I’m anxious all the time. So many people have out-of-control dogs.

“My poor dog is on his fifth trip to the vets – the stitches have come open again and he’s had infections.”

Jeff Morley, environmental services manager at BCP Council, said: “We are very sorry to hear of the incident at Whitecliff involving a dog being attacked, and the distress this has caused to Mrs Blow. We have not had any other reports of dogs being attacked in this area, and have advised Mrs Blow of this.

“We would advise anyone who has any further information or witnesses dogs being aggressive in this way to contact the dog warden on 01202 261700.”