“INSENSITIVE”, “hurtful” and “horrifying” – or just not a big deal?

Daily Echo readers have had their say after we published a story about a controversial Halloween-themed window display.

The British Red Cross shop in Southbourne has received a flurry of complains posing a wooden figurine holding a decapitated baby in its arms, complete with fake blood, as part of a spooky display.

The story provoked a lot of reaction from readers, and the display has since been taken down, the charity confirmed yesterday.

And while some of you thought the display was distasteful – even threatening to withhold donations – others thought the whole thing was a storm in a teacup.

Here's what our readers had to say:

Amanda Buchan said: “Really unpleasant and horrifying.

"What happened to witches and skeletons and pumpkins?”

“That’s not what Halloween is about,” said Sue Easton Muller.

“Maybe the shop owner should do some research into the history of the pagan festival.”

A couple of readers mentioned how the window display could be perceived to be particularly insensitive to those who have suffered from child loss.

Others have questioned the timing of the display, having come a week after Baby Loss Awareness Week, which was held between October 9 and 15.

Angela Locksley said: “You know it's been pregnancy and infant loss this week, right?

"This is how women feel when they lose a child.”

Zoe Louise Tatum Bolton said: “That's hurtful to people like me who have had a child die.

"Very insensitive.”

We'd said in the original article that the figurines were 'possibly Mary and the baby Jesus' – but not all of you agreed.

John Smith said: “I can't believe they have done this to baby Jesus.

"Grown up Jesus would have been bad enough but not baby Jesus... I hope God smites down on all those responsible, and this being a charity too!"

Laura Harvey said: “It’s not Mary and Jesus, it’s ones of those willow tree figurines.

"It was probably already damaged, and they just used it as part of a display."

The display included a full glass bottle labelled 'human blood’, a skeleton and several tissues spattered with fake blood.

Kerry Williams said: “I hate Halloween, but the fuss about this is ridiculous.

"He’s not the messiah, he’s just a headless little boy."

Sandy Cristel said: “Maybe out of taste but got everyone talking about it hasn't it... Any publicity can be good publicity and I bet they had a roaring trade because of everyone talking about it. Let's hope the shop has done well and the charity money earned through this 'scandal' gets to where it should be.”

Some readers were saying that the display is harmless as it was done in the spirit of Halloween.

Núria Tatiana said: “Why are people being such snowflakes?!

"It’s Halloween!

"How can they not see the funny side of it? It’s just a broken ornament.”