A DISCOUNT supermarket chain in seeking permission to open a new shop in Christchurch.

With Homebase seeking to downsize its Christchurch Retail Park store off Barrack Road, Lidl has agreed to take over part of its unit should plans be approved.

The DIY chain has applied to BCP Council to divide its building in two with Lidl taking about a third of its current space.

“It is proposed to reconfigure and extend unit 1 to create two units with Homebase downsizing and occupying unit 1b and Lidl occupying unit 1a,” a statement submitted with the plans says.

The floorspace used by Homebase would reduce from just under 6,000 sqm to 3,600 sqm.

The remainder would then be provided to Lidl allowing it to open its second supermarket in the town.

Council planning officers will consider the plans in the coming weeks.