LISTENING to the Lib-Dem leader, Jo Swinson, on BBC Breakfast, it occurred to me that the use of the word 'Democrat' in the name of her party is about as farcical as it is when used by authoritarian regimes such as Congo, North Korea, Algeria, Laos and Ethiopia in the full name of those countries – all of which are anything BUT democratic.

Yet again Ms Swinson trotted out the idea of a 'people's vote' – implying, of course, that the referendum was not so.

Those of us who voted for Brexit , regardless of what arch-Remainers like Ms Swinson like to think, are not uneducated, ignorant, xenophobic, bigots and knew exactly what we were voting for – quite simply to leave the EU and regain control over our own affairs and fully aware of the fact that it may lead to short term economic difficulties as we adjust to our new-found freedom (just as the Soviet Union's vassal states experienced when they finally threw off the yoke of Moscow).

The Lib-Dem leader also had the unmitigated gall to say that if the Lib-Dems win the next general election (dream on, lady!) it would be their democratic choice to reverse Brexit.

Quite why the vote to leave was undemocratic, yet a vote to remain would be, is totally beyond me.

I, like 17.4 million others, will feel utterly betrayed if, at one minute past midnight on October 31, we are unable to take a deep breath and shout 'free at last'.


Norwich Avenue West, Bournemouth