A DREADLOCKED thug who carried out a spree of violent burglaries in Dorset on a single afternoon while armed with a stun gun, a knuckle duster, a baton and a lock knife has been jailed for 15 years.

Matthew Hoppe threatened to smash up a home in Clarendon Road, Gillingham after a row with a woman during the early afternoon on Sunday, January 27.

He then went to the property in person, forced his way in and demanded money from the woman. During the incident, he assaulted her and even attempted to use a stun gun on her.

The woman told Hoppe, 33, there was money at another address.

Hoppe threatened her with the stun gun again before dragging her out of her home and into his Audi.

When he arrived at the second address, he threatened the resident, a man, with a stun gun and a knife and demanded cash. Hoppe then used the stun gun on the man's leg and pushed the tip of the knife against his chest.

As the incident unfolded, the female victim took the opportunity to run to a neighbouring home. However, Hoppe followed her and forced his way into the house, firing the stun gun and holding the knife.

He demanded money, but was told the homeowner had none in the house. Hoppe turned and smashed plates on the worktop before lifting a lump hammer and using it to smash the windows of the homeowner's car.

The defendant also said he'd "burn them all" before driving away. Just minutes later, he returned and kicked down the door, threatening to burn the house to the ground.

Hoppe then poured petrol around the house and through a window before using a blade of some kind to damage the front door.

Terrified, the homeowner and his brother manage to escape the address through a window.

Hoppe got back into his car and drove away. Police officers tracked his car down in Yeovil, Somerset, and he was arrested.

Officers found a knuckleduster and a stun gun in his pocket. Other weapons were found in the Audi, alongside the female victim’s mobile phone.

A search of his home revealed two identical stun guns, two friction lock batons and two more knuckledusters.

Last Friday, Hoppe, of Henford Hill in Yeovil, was sentenced to a length prison term at Bournemouth Crown Court. He had been found guilty of 13 charges following a trial at the same court.

The defendant was convicted of kidnap, two assaults, two counts of aggravated burglary, four counts of having an offensive weapon, attempted robbery, threatening to destroy or damage property, possession of a firearm at the time of committing an offence and criminal damage.

He was sentenced to 15 years in prison. However, because of the danger he poses to the public, Hoppe will also be subject to an extended licence period of five years.

Detective Sergeant James Mullen, of Weymouth CID, said: “Matthew Hoppe armed himself with an array of dangerous weapons before he carried out a terrifying attack on his victims.

“I would like to praise them for their bravery in giving evidence at court, which ultimately led to the jury coming to their verdicts.

“Hoppe is a dangerous man and I hope the sentence handed out by the court will bring his victims and the wider members of the community comfort that he is safely behind bars.”