ANIMALS were welcomed two by two to a church in Broadstone for a traditional pet service.

St John’s Church in Macaulay Road held its own Vicar of Dibley-style service last Sunday, which they called Wet Nose Sunday.

Furry friends great and small were hailed during the service as pet owners sang hymns and the service was closed with a special blessing for the animals

Speaking to the Echo before the event, Revd Helen Bailey, vicar at St John’s Church, said: “Having a service to bless animals has quite a tradition in the Church of England.

“I’m sure many of you will have seen the episode in Vicar of Dibley where the Reverend Geraldine does just that, and not just pets but farm animals are brought into the church. Animals have always played a role in favourite bible stories.”

The date was chosen to be as close as possible to October 4, which coincides with the Feast of St Francis, the patron saint of animals.