A COUNCIL has paid £1,000 to the family of a man who was left without suitable transport to the day centre he attends for almost two years.

A Local Government Ombudsman report criticised the former Bournemouth council for failing to provide a taxi which could take his electric wheelchair, forcing him to rely on a manual one which was harming his health.

Responding to the findings, the leader of BCP Council leader said the delay was “regrettable” and that transport had since been arranged.

Known as Mr Y in the report, the man attends a day centre five days a week which he gets to by a council-organised taxi.

He had used a manual wheelchair but due to health needs was given an electric one in September 2017.

Two months later the council reviewed his care plan and said the failure to provide a new vehicle and the man’s subsequent inability to use his electric wheelchair “risked his physical health and posture deteriorating”.

It required this be resolved within three months.

But the council said it could not find anyone willing to provide the service.

Despite this, the care plan's requirement, there was still no transport in place in July 2018, prompting the man's dad to complain. This was escalated to the ombudsman in November.

It ruled that the council had “failed” the man.

“It is evident that Mr Y requires the electric wheelchair for his health needs and use of the manual wheelchair for long durations is having a detrimental effect on his health,” its report said.

“The council had a duty to transport Mr Y to and from the day centre and failed to provide suitable transport."

It ordered the council to “prioritise the man’s needs over its resources” and arrange suitable transport within four weeks.

It also said the council should pay £900 to Mr Y as compensation for the impact of the delay and £100 to the man’s dad for the time spent making the complaint.

BCP Council leader, councillor Vikki Slade, said: “This Local Government Ombudsman enquiry relates to the difficulty BCP Council experienced in finding a specialist bespoke transport solution for a gentleman who attends a day centre.

“Although the delay has been regrettable, we are pleased that suitable transport was found in the summer, enabling the gentleman to travel to and from the day centre.”