IT’S a football show, but not as you know it. A chart-topping podcast known as The Football Ramble will be brought to life when the stage show visits Bournemouth Pavilion tomorrow night, October 10.

The show is described as “a multimedia extravaganza with all your favourites from the show” as the gang cast their eye over the best – and most ridiculous – moments from the footballing circus whilst offering a completely different live experience with audience participation and a few big surprises.

One of the gang members Pete said to expect “videos, games, nuclear-level messing about and a wealth of football-related daftness.”

Marcus explained: “We definitely approach the live shows differently to the podcast. On the podcast we want to give our views on current footballing affairs. Whereas in the live shows, we just find the funniest things to talk about and have as much fun interacting with the audience as we can each night. We can’t wait.”

Luke agreed: “You see other podcasts live and it’s just them sat behind a desk, doing exactly what they do in the studio. Every idea we have for the live show is about what gets us away from that.”

Jim said: “I’ve always thought you want to watch a show, you don’t want to watch a podcast.

“At our first live shows in 2014, we tried to make it as different to the podcast as we could and there was a real sense of excitement in the venues.”

Pete added: “The live show set pieces will feature throughout the tour, but we do change it up. It keeps us on our toes and maintains that energy of a live show.”