I WAS very sorry indeed to see Ashley Road troubles front page on the Echo on Saturday, October 5.

Such negative publicity is very worrying but then it needs to said, and loudly, there are certainly serious problems in Ashley Road. And I don't mean the day time drinkers, or those using drugs.

I mean the complete vacuum of a council-led management team for Ashley Road.

Where are out councillors? Where are council officers? Why is there not an organised council and police management team for the high street?

Truth is, those we fund to take care of public safety have let anti-social behaviour in Ashley Road run out of all control. Shoplifting has become so prevalent police do not even respond.

And this all started in 2010 with the beginning of the mass cut-backs, with then the building consequences over the years. We sow the wind and now we reap the consequences.

Everyone needs to speak up for far better. Police officers in the high street would be a very good start, and far more control of sale and marketing of alcohol.

What Ashley Road shows in the end is the complete failure of our council, and our police, and above all our MPs and government, to fund and support public services to deal with so many public issues running out of all control.

DAVE HOWIE, Mansfield Road, Parkstone