A SPURNED boyfriend who harassed his former partner and her friends on social media has been given a restraining order to keep away from her.

Daniel Messias, 37, felt “let down” when his on-off girlfriend Emma Gibb, 25, broke up with him earlier this year, a court heard yesterday.

He bombarded her with Facebook messages and made contact with several of her friends requesting contact.

He also posted private conversations between the pair as his Facebook status in a bid to get back at Miss Gibb, who works as a tattoo artist.

Messias, who lives in Cumnor Road, Bournemouth, admitted harassing Miss Gibb during an appearance at Poole Magistrates’ Court yesterday.

The court heard that the pair first got together in early 2018 when Miss Gibb rented a room in Messias’ home.

She described their arrangement as a “casual sexual relationship”, but said she was aware that Messias wanted more.

The court heard that after they split up Messias pursued a course of conduct he has now admitted was harassment.

On one day in March he sent her 25 messages, all of which were ignored by Miss Gibb.

Leah Dillon, mitigating, said: “The defendant felt let down when the relationship ended.

“He embarked on a course of conduct which he now knows was unacceptable.

“He does not recognise the victim’s description of this as a casual relationship and says the two of them even discussed having children together.”

As well as harassing Miss Gibb, Messias also admitted to owning a stun gun, which was found when police searched his home.

However, he claimed the device had been left by a former lodger and he had not known what it was.

Magistrates ordered him to carry out 120 hours of unpaid work and issued an 18 month restraining order banning contact with Miss Gibb.