I WAS most unhappy to see the so-called roadworks at Lindsay Road in Poole causing so much congestion.

On Thursday the traffic jam stretched the full length of Penn Hill Avenue including Woodside Road and Kingsbridge Road. Doubtless it went on to Lower Parkstone and beyond.

On Saturday morning cars were unable to move through Penn Hill.

Meanwhile the works themselves are actually on the pavement, and instead of redirecting infrequent pedestrians on to the nearby footpath to the left, the nearside lane of the road has been converted into a footpath.

In addition temporary three-way long-delay traffic lights have been installed.

When I went past on Thursday, there was only one man doing any work. There was nobody working on Saturday when I went past. It’s as if there’s a plan to cause the maximum inconvenience for as long as possible.

It seems to be similar on Sandbanks Road near the railway bridge, where temporary traffic lights will be in place for no less than two months. What with roadworks on Parkstone Road, Commercial Road, Sandecotes Road, Alum Chine Road, and at many other locations, I feel like I’m under siege.


Gleneagles Avenue, Poole