IT'S a refrain heard at football grounds up and down the land. He's one of our own.

There was a similar sentiment at the Pavilion on Saturday as the Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra's principal cello, Jesper Svedberg rather than a guest artist, took centre stage as soloist on Saint-Saens Cello Concerto No 1.

He delivered a delightful and passionate performance in this energetic and optimistic piece and his efforts were warmly appreciated by both audience and fellow players.

Speaking of energy, the main event of the night was Tchaikovsky's Fifth Symphony, a beautiful and elegant giant of a piece, much less weighed down with the heavy theme of fate than his Fourth or Sixth.

Under the commanding baton Marta Gardolinska, the musicians gave us an electrifying performance. Quite some work out.

The evening opened on the theme of brooding Russian oppression

and uplifting Finnish spirit with Sibelius' incomparable and ever popular Finlandia, a juggernaut of a piece according to presenter Ann-Marie Minhall from Classic FM.

The quartet of works was completed by Grieg's lovely Norwegian Dance No 1, inspired by the nature and scenery of his homeland and particular the coastline around Bergen.

Another thoroughly uplifting BSO evening with the players painting some stunning musical pictures.