WE’RE known as a nation of dog lovers, so it’s no surprise that the premiere of the Top Dog Film Festival, which originated in Australia, is proving to be such a big hit in the UK.

This two hour collection of canine-inspired short films highlights the incredible bond between people and their four-legged friends, from scruffy street dogs to pampered pooches.

Personal highlights included the true tale of Arthur a severely injured stray dog who befriends a member of a Swedish adventure race team in Ecuador and follows him hundreds of miles, and even across rivers to the finish line.

Downward Dog comedically explores what might be going through a dog's mind if they could speak and Dog Power offers a rare view unto world of dog powered sports.

Trail Dog filmed in the stunning scenery of southern Alps, features a French trail runner and his two dogs and is all about finding peace through the simple, non-material pleasures in life.

The Top Dog Film festival has been brought to the UK by the same producers of the Banff Mountain Film Festival and not only offers the same format, including a goody give-away during the interval, but delivers the same inspirational and uplifting feel-good factor.

The overall theme  is that we should be more like dogs – be loving, loyal, live in the moment and don't forget to play!