DRIVERS beware - if you’re travelling to Bournemouth Airport via the A338, the slip road into the airport is blocked off due to roadworks and the diversion is a tortured seven-mile detour through unfamiliar territory inadequately signposted, seemingly in the opposite direction and further confused by signage still displaying Hurn airport.

Having left Fareham in the early hours for a 6.15am flight to Corfu, unaware that this diversion virtually circumnavigated the airport to reconnect with the block off Parley Lane, and travelling in the black of night in the opposite direction, it appeared to us that we had lost our way.

With our flight rapidly approaching, we had no option but to follow an off-duty taxi into the airport at an inflated price.

Stressed and exhausted, we arrived to find a packed car park with no immediate empty bays, resulting in me parking some distance away in the only available bay, rushing to reconnect with my wife whom I had offloaded with the baggage earlier.

When we returned from our fly and cruise eight days later, I was greeted with a parking notice on my car as I had parked unwittingly in a disabled bay. I was met with complete apathy by the women on the information desk at the airport as I related my ordeal and was told that it was my responsibility to check for road works.

So, I must make a note, when flying in future, to check with my local council at Southampton, Bournemouth, Gatwick or Heathrow for roadworks or other delays, to which my response, in the immortal words of our PM, is “Humbug!”

Council and airport, please note if you wish us to continue funding your local airport, make improved signage and more direct alternative access available in the event of disruptions.


Malvern Avenue, Fareham