NEIGHBOURS have reacted cautiously to plans for a giant 100-metre wind turbine that would change the Alderney skyline for generations to come.

The structure - almost twice the height of Nelson's Column - would be less than 250 metres from residential streets and tower over family homes.

Bournemouth & West Hampshire Water plant bosses are hoping to harness the wind at their Alderney site in a bid to become more environmentally friendly.

It is still very much early days for the scheme, which was lodged with Bournemouth planners at the beginning of October, but unsurprisingly neighbours harbour deep concerns.

Andrew McFadden, of Belben Road - the closest residential street to the proposed turbine - said: "Nobody wants to live near one of these things.

"I don't see why it cannot be away from the site and the power carried in via cables.

"One hundred metre windmills have no place in family neighbourhoods."

Carol Dowland, whose Francis Avenue home borders the waterworks, said: "I'm quite in favour of green energy and if it will save money it must be a good idea.

"But it all depends on whether or not it is an eyesore.

"In terms of any extra noise, the plant is quite noisy at night anyway and we have planes flying overhead from the airport.

"This is probably why they are putting it here - we are used to the noise already.

"At least it is not a mobile phone mast." Technicians insist the turbine will not create any "discernible increase in noise" but people living near other wind farms have complained of noise pollution and interference with electrical equipment.

Paula Kench, of Francis Avenue, added: "A lot of people say they are in favour of green energy but then don't want something like this on their doorstep.

"I guess if you are in favour of wind turbines, you cannot object.

"I have mixed feelings about it really."