A SENSATIONAL soundtrack featuring the hits of so many megastars can mean only one thing - Motown the Musical is in town.

The West End hit roared into Southampton's Mayflower Theatre bringing the audience to its feet on opening night.

The songs of Diana Ross, Stevie Wonder, Marvin Gaye and The Temptations are intermingled with The Jackson 5, The Four Tops, The Commodores and Smokey Robinson - what's not to love?

The show, featuring a multi-talented cast, tells the story of the formation of the massively successful Motown brand in the 60s.

It portrays the struggles behind the scenes of the record label, which signed up so many legendary artists.

At times it's hard to remember we're watching their performances from the outside and are not part of the show ourselves.

Berry Gordy founded Motown records with just $800 dollars borrowed from his family.

And Edward Baruwa puts in a breath-taking performance in the role with a voice that melts your heart.

The success of Motown was not without its difficulties and those involved had to break barriers and deal with some complicated personal relationships.

For those who don't know the story, this musical serves to put the songs you know and love into some perspective.

It's hard not to sing along at the top of your voice but don't - to drown out any of the fabulous voices on the stage would be a crime.

Songs include Dancing in the Street, Stop! In the Name of Love, My Girl, I Heard it Through the Grapevine, I Want You Back and, of course, Ain't No Mountain High Enough - which you will definitely sing all the way home.

This wonderful show features the soundtrack of a generation but don't be put off if you happen to come from a different generation.

You'll know every word anyway.

Motown the Musical runs at the Mayflower until October 12.