THEY'RE two of the best-loved characters in classical music and are currently on their first tour together which played to a packed house on Monday night.

The setlist was built around the pair's latest album, Back In Harmony, which is an eclectic mix of hymns and operatic classics. There were no solo numbers, just plenty of songs to showcase their ability to blend harmonies. Whereas Watson has the edge when it comes to vocal power, Jones's voice had an effortless purity.

However they did rely on backing tracks to some extent which seemed unnecessary as their vocals were strong and they also had an excellent eight-piece band.

It was easy to see why the duo have been described as the Eric & Ernie of the music world. Their banter was almost as brilliant as their music. It's light-heated and spontaneous and they pitched it perfectly. Just enough chat without ruining the musical content,

The hits just kept coming and the audience lapped it up. Personal highlights included How Great Thou Art and Nella Fantasia.

Watson and Jones seemed to be enjoying themselves too even if they were missing out on a key football match, although members of the audience were only too happy to keep them up to date with the score throughout the concert.

Apart from their taste in football teams, the pair were in harmony on every level. They certainly deserved the standing ovation at the end.

And if ever their vocals fail, they could probably make a decent living out of stand-up too!