WE have been using Ashley Road Parkstone for many years. A great local shopping centre with three supermarkets, and most of the shops we all need every day. And more than this such helpful and friendly staff, which makes all the difference.

However, we do have issues, and that is day time drinkers, and those using drugs. These people are meeting up in Ashley Road, hanging out on street benches, and causing a lot of upset. At worst fights breaking out, with then police being called to deal with these issues.

Last Thursday there was a third meeting of Ashley Traders and others in St John’s Church, with a large turnout and a lot of strong views. Many shops speaking of the upset and distress caused by day-time drinkers. And not just fighting but using street corners and alleyways as toilets.

What then people are appealing for is the return of police community support officers, which we did have until 2011. The presence of an officer in the high street making all the difference to public conduct.

And, equally important, return of our public toilets. Council leader Vikki Slade did speak of "reopening public toilets" back in June, but then with bicycle stands being installed where the toilets used to be (Jubilee Road) that now is impossible.

And so you have have to ask, is anyone in council listening, or are we just going through a process? As it is it seems to us all too clear the problems are near entirely the consequence of nine years austerity, with huge rises in homelessness. In whatever case, we need community police officers, we need public toilets, we need funds unlocking.

MARY AND BARRY GARDNER, Churchill Road, Parkstone#