SOME years ago I wrote expounding the merits of the A&E Department at Royal Bournemouth Hospital. My how times have changed!

My seventy-four-year-old sister was holidaying here last week when unfortunately she sprained her ankle on the beach on Saturday.

As her ankle became progressively worse during the evening, affecting her mobility and causing pain, I elected to take her to A&E.

We arrived at Royal Bournemouth Hospital at 22.10 hrs and had an initial x-ray and consultation at 00.20 hrs.

There was notification that after triage a possible three hour thirty minute waiting time could be expected. This was subsequently revised to five hours thirty minutes.

At 05.10 hrs I asked reception to note we had been at A&E for seven hours and had last been seen five hours ago.

The senior nurse on duty explained to me that the five doctors on the premises had ‘other commitments’ to see to as well as A&E. We were finally seen and left the premises at approximately 06.00 hrs.

I am not wishing to be judgemental – goodness knows the staff are doing all they can. I am simply writing to say this is now the state of the NHS.

It cannot be acceptable for a septuagenarian to have to spend approximately eight hours at A&E for treatment.

Make your voice heard now before it is too late.


Knyveton Road, Bournemouth