WHAT wonderful news on Tuesday, September 24. We live in a lawful country.

The unanimous decision of the eleven Justices of the Supreme Court, our highest court in the land, that no government can close-down (prorogue) parliament without compelling reasons.

And in this case there were no compelling reasons from the Johnson government for five weeks prorogation, beyond the staggeringly obvious intention to stop parliament interfering with Johnson's do or die politics.

And that is parliament the elected sovereign authority in our land, as elected by the British electorate. Government answers to parliament, the foundation of our democracy.

This now is a landmark judgement for many decades to come. No gang or cabal of extremists can take-over our country to suit whatever extreme politics, from right or left.

The greatest credit to Lady Hale, the president of the Supreme Court, and all 11 Justices. One huge relief, whatever extremes of politics the country gets embroiled in we live in a country where reasoned law, parliamentary accountability, and truth, will be upheld.


Alexandra Road, Parkstone