SOCIAL media posts by BCP Council recommending people have emergency food supplies available have been criticised for a “serious lack of judgement”.

As part of the 30 Days 30 Ways campaign, the council tweeted on Sunday urging people to have food stores in case of an emergency.

But the post has been labelled as “scaremongering of the highest order” with its leader, Vikki Slade, suggesting the timing and tone was “unwise”.

BCP Council, along with other public bodies, has been taking part in the 30 Days 30 Ways campaign aimed at encouraging people to be better prepared for emergencies.

On Sunday the council tweeted: “It’s important to eat well during and after an emergency to keep your energy levels up.

“Keep a store of emergency supplies that need minimal preparation in the cupboard and remember to check it’s in date.”

But concerns were raised about the lack of explanation behind the post.

Responding to the post, Stephen Coombes said: “Choosing to post this in isolation over a weekend shows a serious lack of judgment on the part of your social media team.”

Others described it as “scaremongering” and warned it could trigger anxiety in some people.

Council leader Vikki Slade said the post needed to provide more context.

“It seems this is nothing to do with Brexit but the timing and tone is unwise,” she said. “I have shared this view with the team.”

In response to concerns, the council said the post was part of the ongoing campaign.

“We’ve been supporting the national 30 Days 30 Ways UK campaign throughout September Preparedness Month,” it said.

“It’s something a number of councils, emergency services and local resilience forums have been supporting – this post forms part of that campaign.”

Other organisations have faced similar criticism for their participation in the scheme which aims to make people “much better prepared for the risks and uncertainties of today’s and our future world”.

Police Scotland was also accused of scaremongering for its post recommending people have a grab bag of emergency supplies available.