A CYCLIST was handed a fine after police spotted him riding through a red light in Bournemouth on Thursday.

Officers from Dorset Police's No Excuse team said the man told them he had checked that it was safe to go before cycling through the red light.

The team then pulled over a Ford KA in Wimborne Road. The vehicle was travelling at 40 miles per hour in a 30mph zone. ANPR checks also showed it didn't have insurance.

An officer from the team said: "The driver stated he knew he didn't have insurance but he wanted to go to the beach.

"The vehicle was seized and the driver has been reported for all offences."

A short time later, officers stopped a Porsche in Richmond Hill after becoming concerned about the manner of the motorist's driving. The vehicle also didn't have a licence plate, and the driver was reported for the offence.

In Boscombe, ANPR cameras flagged up a vehicle and officers pulled it over. The driver got out and said: "I haven't got any insurance."

Officers then carried out at roadside drugs test. They alleged this was positive for cannabis and the driver was arrested.

The owner of the vehicle was sat in the front passenger seat.

The officer said: "She allowed the driver to drive the vehicle knowing he had no insurance.

"She has also been reported for using a vehicle with no insurance."

One of the final stops for the team was a man who was texting while behind the wheel of his work van. Officers claim the driver was found to have a provisional licence with six points on it.

He has been reported to court for allegedly driving while using a mobile phone and for driving otherwise than in accordance with a licence.