POLICE have launched an investigation after a ‘parent grabbed a teacher around the neck’ outside a Poole school.

The incident happened outside Magna Academy in Ashdown Close at the end of the school day.

Children are believed to have witnessed the incident, which is being treated as an assault by police.

The victim of the attack is reported to be a male maths teacher.

One parent said: “The youngsters who saw it are very upset.

“Some of them are in their first year of secondary school.

“A male parent just came up and grabbed the teacher around the throat.

“He was pushing him and throwing him around and shouting.”

Police said they were called shortly before 3.30pm on Tuesday to reports of an assault in Ashdown Close.

“We are investigating the incident,” a spokesperson for |Dorset Police said.

A spokesman for Magna Academy told the Daily Echo they would not comment due to the police investigation.

He said: “There was a brief incident at the school gate on Tuesday afternoon.

“This is a matter that is currently being dealt with by the police and therefore Magna Academy is unable to comment at this time.”

Union chiefs have called for more protection for teachers.

Ian McCann, senior regional officer for the National Education Union said: “Violence or assaults are not acceptable in any workplace and it is shocking when they happen in an education environment.

“In such a situation a school must act rapidly to ensure the health safety and welfare for all members of the school community as it is their legal duty to do so.

“If an assault occurs then this must be reported.

“The NEU will robustly support our members who are the victims of or receive threats of violence/assault.”

“The HSE (Health and Safety Executive) reports that Education professionals have the eighth highest level of violence at work from a list of 25 professions and as such education employers must take steps to protect their employees.”

At the National Association of Headteachers’ union annual conference in Telford in May delegates voted to call on the government to protect school leaders and their staff from physical, verbal and online abuse from parents.