WHAT a shame that Christchurch didn't get a share of the "high street revival" cash currently being given out. We desperately need it.

We could have used it to remove Fountain roundabout and have traffic lights at the division of our High Street. Christchurch has until recent years been a town of small shops. Highcliffe and Southbourne manage to trade successfully in this manner but Christchurch is now lagging behind.

One half of our high street (railway end) still has small outlets but must struggle by being cut off from the remainder. How they fare when the parking is removed and the proposed monstrosity built on the old Police Station land has to be debatable.

Give us a "joined up" high street again so that we may thrive in the same way as Highcliffe and Southbourne.

PEGGY REEVES, Belvedere Road, Christchurch