TALBOT Heath School for Girls unveiled their state-of-the-art STEAM building to parents, alumna and local business.

The building, sponsored by Volvo Cars Poole and Just Shutters, houses a 600-seat auditorium, a virtual reality and hologram space, art studios, technology workshops and a 25-metre swimming pool.

The hub was opened by the Bournemouth school’s nine patrons and, afterwards, guests were given guided tours of the facilities.

Head Teacher Angharad Holloway said: “I’m absolutely delighted, it's been an amazing day all round.

“We set a bold vision for what we wanted at this school, and the future will require our students to be bold and courageous so the curriculum and our facilities have to reflect that.

“Many people were sceptical about the designs, but it has been a dream come true. I have been working in education for 25 years so to be given a blank canvas to work on and the support we have had is tremendous. We want to become a beacon for the rest of the country.”

Innovation foundation Nesta, Massachusetts Institute of Technology and University College London have all shown interest in the school’s new building.

The official opening of the building coincided with the school’s Speech Day, which celebrates the successes of students throughout the year, from exam results to sporting achievements.

The new building also boasts a wave sculpture, designed by patron and sculptor Rebecca Newnham, a parent of students who are studying at the school. The design is based on the surface dynamics of water and the progressive way it moves.

She said: “It's brilliant that arts has been included in this new building because it complements the STEM subjects and helps promote creativity within those subjects. When they come together, that’s when exciting things happen."

Another patron and former student Jessamy Wells, who is an associate at Western Design Architects, was one of the architects of the building, along with Kelly Witton and Pete Jennings.

“It’s nice to give something back to the school and to do something for the students as well,” she said.

“The school is setting students up for careers that don’t even exist yet. With this new building, it will give them the best start possible.”