ARTWORKS which will transform the concrete pillars near Bournemouth’s tennis courts are to be created by artists “passionate” about Bournemouth, an agency has said.

As reported, the Upside Gallery project will see a new outdoor mural created on the pillars supporting the A338 Wessex Way over the Gardens.

Some neighbours have reported their concerns about the scheme, with one calling it “graffiti-slash-art”.

However, Upside Down project manager Sandra Ramos said there is no cause for concern.

“We can understand that residents have a sense of uncertainty around the art that will be transforming the area under the Wessex Way but we want to reassure people that the art will be tasteful and will be created by high profile professional artists,” she said.

“The choice of artists has been carefully curated and we have worked closely with the team to make sure the art suits the natural colour palette of the gardens and is in no way offensive or aggressive.

“The colours have been inspired by the trees, leaves and flowers of the garden, and once complete will transform what was once an uninviting space into a bright, inspirational and colourful place for residents and visitors to walk through.

“We are so passionate about Bournemouth. Other places we have transformed in the area have been well-received, such as the subway by the train station and the mural on Lansdowne Road. We hope that people will equally support this project.”

Councillor Mark Howell, portfolio holder for regeneration and culture at BCP Council, also backed the scheme.

“The Upside Gallery will transform a characterless space into a world-class public open-air art gallery accessible to all,” he said.

“As the landowner, we are pleased to see that the artists have been carefully selected, that the colour palette has been chosen to harmonise the artwork with the beautiful historic gardens on either side, and that the designs fit a brief that highlights the town’s heritage and personality.

“Showcasing a range of nationally renowned artists and their styles, including local artist and designer Rick Walker, we hope that the gallery will build on Bournemouth’s national reputation for innovation and creativity.’’

The initiative has been dreamed up by Bournemouth-based creative agency Paintshop Studio and is supported by Arts Council England.