POLICE are investigating the death of a plumber who was treated for his drug addiction in Bournemouth.

Jake Sebastian Boutie died at the Royal Bournemouth Hospital on August 4.

The 36-year-old had gone into cardiac arrest before being admitted to the hospital days before, on August 1.

On Monday, it was heard at an inquest into Mr Boutie's death that he had suffered a cardiorespiratory failure and pneumonia caused by heroin intoxication.

Coroner's officer Ken McEwan said: "Mr Boutie was a known intravenous drug user who had recently been at a rehabilitation centre for 60 days.

"He was admitted to the Royal Bournemouth Hospital following an out-of-hospital cardiac arrest secondary to a possible drug overdose.

"He passed away at the hospital."

Mr Boutie lived in Haslemere, Surrey. It is understood he came to Bournemouth for treatment.

A post-mortem examination was carried out, but doctors were initially unable to ascertain a cause of death. Fluids and bloods were then tested before the inquest was opened and adjourned this week.

Dorset coroner Rachael Griffin adjourned the full inquest until March 5 next year. It will be heard at the coroner's court in Bournemouth Town Hall.

She said: "Police have been involved in relation to this enquiry."

The investigation continues, it was heard.