A CHRISTCHURCH school has issued an alert after a schoolgirl was asked to get into a car at a remote junction of a quiet New Forest village last week.

Highcliffe School sent text messages to parents after the child was approached in Bransgore on Friday, September 6.

Other schools in the area have also been made aware of the incident, which happened in broad daylight during the afternoon.

Bransgore Church of England Primary School has now also warned parents in an ‘important notice’ flagged up on the website.

The notice said: “The school has been in contact today with Hampshire police, who have asked us to pass the following information on.

“It has come to our attention that a school child was approached last Friday in the Bransgore area and invited to get into a car.

“Please can parents ensure that you update your child on being vigilant when approached by strangers.

“This has been reported to the police, who are looking into the matter, so if you have any suspicions please report directly to them.”

Police say the schoolgirl had just passed the post box at the junction of Lyndhurst Road and Croft Road when a motorist stopped and invited her into his car. The junction is in an area of the village which has no pavements and limited visibility for drivers.

According to reports, the car involved was a Jaguar.

A spokesperson from Highcliffe School said the girl refused the offer.

She was not hurt.

Burley has a population of just 1,350.

A spokesperson from Hampshire police said officers are investigating.

Earlier this year, police were forced to issue a warning after receiving reports that an elderly man ‘beckoned’ two young girls towards his car while they were walking to school in Ferndown.

According to the report made to officers, the man was in a black and silver car in Bracken Road when the incident happened.

A spokesperson for Ferndown Police said: “Please make your children aware of the dangers of strangers.” as the girls have walked away to a place of safety.”

In February, police investigated reports that a man tried to entice a 10-year-old boy into a van near Kingsleigh Primary School in Bournemouth.

The incident happened in Bennion Road as the boy went to meet his mum at around 3.30pm.

Richard Gower, the headteacher of the Hadow Road school, met with the parents of the boy concerned and has also spoken to pupils about the incident.

Parents were also made aware of what had happened.

Mr Gower said that the boy, a Year 6 pupil, refused to get into the van.