WOULDN'T it be nice if the new BCP Council enlightened us a little more as to what exactly is wrong with the Twins Sails bridge?

We are led to believe that the problem is with the two hydraulic rams and bearings on the Hamworthy side.

If this is so and there are no problems with the two rams and bearings on the Poole side, then surely it must be possible to take one of the good hydraulic rams and bearings and fit it to the Hamworthy side.

Particularly as we have been told previously that the bridge leaves are designed to work on one single hydraulic ram, albeit to lift and lower at a slower rate.

Perhaps BCP Council after their summit meeting can tell us what is wrong with the hydraulic rams? Why no spares are kept in stock? If new ones have to be manufactured where is this being done and when do they expect to take delivery of them?

Lastly what is the projected date to have the Twin Sails bridge fully operational again?


Harkwood Drive Hamworthy