CASH and a bag were taken from a car parked in Canford Cliffs on Wednesday afternoon.

It is just one in a series of car crimes committed across Poole this week.

Would-be thieves rifled through a car parked in Canford Cliffs Road, Penn Hill sometime between 5.30pm on Tuesday and 10.30am the following day. Nothing was taken.

Paint was poured over the bodywork of a car left in Park Road, Parkstone in the early hours of Tuesday morning.

A tradesman found ladders strapped to the roof of a van left in Hasler Road, Canford Heath had been stolen by thieves between 4.45pm on Tuesday and 7.30am on Wednesday.

The glovebox of a car parked in Poole Road, Branksome was opened on Tuesday night but nothing was stolen.

On Tuesday afternoon, a blue jacket was stolen from a vehicle in Albert Road, Parkstone. The thieves smashed the front passenger window to get to the coat.

Anyone with information is asked to call police on 101.