VANDALS glued up the door to an MP's office and covered the handle with an anti-Brexit sticker.

A worker opening up the Barton-on-Sea constituency office of Brexiteer MP for New Forest West Sir Desmond Swayne discovered the vandalism on Monday morning.

A spokesman for his Westminster office said: “We understand the person who usually opens it up went to the door and realised it had superglue in the lock.”

She was unable to say when the vandalism had occurred because the office was closed for a week from August 23.

The matter was reported to Hampshire Police who said they had issued an incident number.

Sir Desmond’s office, in Cliff Crescent, is understood to have suffered regular incidences of protest with anti-Brexit stickers ‘plastered’ on the door.

The discovery came just hours after thousands of people all over the UK protested at Boris Johnson’s decision to prorogue parliament.