OH dear, not only does our Dorset police and crime commissioner apparently advocate breaking the law to be acceptable but also suggests the public should finance the activities of those who do!

That’s assuming heroin injection is still illegal? Suggesting we should provide facilities where drug addicts can go for supervised injections is a waste of valuable NHS funds that could be used for more deserving patients. For him to equate the number of drug related deaths with road traffic fatalities is appalling. People don’t opt to die in a traffic accident whereas drug taking is a freely taken lifestyle choice.

Common sense (whatever happened to that?) would suggest that what is required is better children’s education together with a stronger deterrent if caught with illegal drugs to prevent people going on the drug path in the first instance. I’m not sure having some nanny state do-gooder putting their arm around a law breaker is the correct way forward. Of course I’m neither a government expert nor academic thus will be considered inconsequential through some eyes. I am just a law-abiding citizen with an opinion.

KENNETH WHITTEN, Landford Gardens, Bournemouth