AS in most years, I have just enjoyed a super family holiday in Bournemouth and the surrounding area. However, with the superb weather a couple of us extended our stay over the bank holiday.

I have never seen Bournemouth so busy or colourful. The views along the seven mile frontage were spectacular in the evening and the atmosphere so happy.

I particularly want to raise one point. Aside from the area immediately adjacent to the pier, I found the cleanliness of the beaches remarkable. Virtually every one of the tens of thousands of visitors had left the beaches with no more than footprints behind. It seems the many different groups of people who come to enjoy Bournemouth's beaches really do respect its beauty. The street and beach cleaners too, did a great job in ensuring that by dawn the beaches and promenade were once again pristine.

ANDY HOLLOWAY, Brownberrie Drive, Horsforth, Leeds