DRIVERS of BMWs who feel unfairly maligned and stereotyped because of their choice of car should probably stop reading now.

Officers from Dorset Police's No Excuse team, which deals with the bad, the ugly and the dangerous when it comes to motoring offences, have released some of the worst reasons for speeding they've ever heard.

And one of those stopped for driving at speed turned to the team and asked: "Surely me driving a BMW must count for something, officer."

One voter – either a Labour supporter or an incredibly strident Tory – told officers: "I'm rushing to Bournemouth because Jeremy Corbyn is there."

A driver enjoying the vaguely lawless freedom of not being at work said: "I always put my foot down at the weekend."

Someone who should have gone to Specsavers a lot earlier told police: "I'm on my way to an eyesight test. I didn't see the speed limit sign."

Another, who perhaps might have simply done better to wind down the windows, said: "Sorry I'm speeding – my passengers are breaking wind and it stinks."

The last 'worst' comment revealed by police was from someone who might need to take their pet for a walk a bit more often.

When stopped, they said: "I was in a rush – I didn't want my dog to wee in the car."