CHANGEABLE conditions forced a rethink of the running order at today's Bournemouth Air Festival, but tens of thousands of spectators still turned out.

The Tigers Freefall Parachute Display Team had been set to get proceedings underway for day three, but wind and rain made it too dangerous for the team to make the jump safely.

So the opening display was left to the RAF Tucano, which, when it got airborne was met with huge cheers from the ground.

As in previous years when the weather has declined to play its part early on, it was a helicopter – one of the Royal Navy Black Cats – which showed its true versatility in the less than ideal conditions.

Next up was Rich Goodwin in his Pitts Muscle Biplane, but his aerobatics had to be put on hold as the weather took another turn for the worse.

However, within half-an-hour the Ultimate Warbirds were out over Bournemouth, and they seemed to bring the sunshine with them.

The day suddenly brightened up and organisers were able to put on the full programme, minus the Tigers who were rescheduled for early evening.

Rich got back out in his Super Pitts, before the Chinook, Strikemaster Pair, Sea Fury, Blades, Fireflies and Battle of Britain Memorial Flight, teed up the three fast jets for the afternoon's climax.

The Saab Draken was followed by the MiG 15 & T-33 Silver Star, before the RAF Typhoon brought the afternoon curtain down, albeit a little later than had been planned.

Chris Saunders, BCP Tourism Head of Operations, said: "It's shaped up to be another great day!

"In spite of a brief shower which necessitated some minor schedule adjustments, we've been lucky enough to see all the planned displays. It was great to see people still smiling through the spell of bad weather and I'm glad they were rewarded for their patience.

"It was particularly exciting to welcome two more of our jet-powered superstars - the MiG 15 and T-33 Silver Star.

"With the addition of vintage cars on the East Overcliff, families have really made the most of the attractions on land, including all that there is to see in the armed forces villages."

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