THE sight and distinctive sound of the RAF Typhoon led from the front on the second Night Air of this year's Bournemouth Air Festival.

After stealing the show during the daytime entertainment, the fourth generation fighter started proceedings on Friday evening with its much-anticipated dusk display.

Flight Lieutenant Jim Peterson showcased the repertoire on offer from the combat aircraft, including its blistering speed, agile turns and deafening noise.

Speed limits in the regional airspace limited the jet to a brisk 600mph but this was still enough to leave the thousands of spectators fixed on the sky and catching their breath come the end of the routine.

While the Spitfire followed the Typhoon at a slightly slower pace, its iconic shape and smooth flight pattern never fails to draw attention at the festival.

Visitors were treated to three acts from the historic plane throughout the day and this came to a conclusion as it made a guest appearance to accompany the Fireflies off the Dorset coast.

The pair of aircraft provided another elegant set of aerobatics, accompanied by the gentle smattering of fireworks to fill the darkening skyline.

Otto the Helicopter, piloted by Brendan O'Brien produced once again with a spectacular eruption of fireworks from the Schweizer 300c, while the Piper Cub snaked across in a flowing manner.

The festival schedule had included a closing routine from the Red Devils Parachute Display Team but this did not take place.

The final Night Air of this year's festival takes place on Saturday evening.