REVELLERS partied on the seafront and Bournemouth was broadcast to the nation as Radio One Roadshow provided the soundtrack.

Nearly 10,000 music lovers crammed into the West Cliff square, just off the pier approach, for the summertime spectacular on August 14, 1989.

Led by then-breakfast time DJ Simon Mayo, the crowd squealed and shouted to add a vital live atmosphere to the programme which included familiar Bits and Pieces where contestants battled to name the artists on brief snippets from hits.

For the first time in Bournemouth the show was bounced off a satellite for transmission instead of being relayed down telephone lines to London.

Bright sunshine was replaced by grey clouds and a stiffening breeze but this failed to deter any of the fans who sat happily on the ground in front of the mobile studio.

Two mobile stalls stocked with Radio One merchandise did a roaring trade, with queues stretching for 30 yards as people waited to buy souvenirs from the day.