A CORFE Mullen filmmaker and PCSO has spoken of his frustration after getting caught up in a three-day British Airways pilot strike.

Scott Kishere and his wife had planned to fly to Toronto in September for their ten-year wedding anniversary.

However, after more than 100 calls to BA for a refund went unanswered, the couple said their "trip of a lifetime" is in doubt.

According to national reports, swathes of passengers on flights which will be grounded on September 9, 10 and 27 have been trying in vain to contact the airline to make alternative arrangements.

Customers booked on flights received emails overnight warning "a large number of delays and cancellations" were likely during the action.

The British Airline Pilots Association (Balpa) announced the strikes on Friday night after 93 per cent of its members rejected an 11.5 per cent pay rise across three years.

Mr Kishere said: "My wife and I have been told that our flight to Toronto has been cancelled.

"This was a full package we booked through BA for our 10-year wedding anniversary. I have made over 100 attempts to contact them for a refund and they're not answering.

"Until we get a refund we do not have the money to rebook our trip of a lifetime.

"With the days counting down it now looks unlikely we will be able to celebrate our 10-year anniversary as expected."

Mr Kishere is one of hundreds of passengers who have tried desperately to contact BA on social media and its phone lines.

He said he also plans to travel to Chicago with his partner one week after the final day of strikes, but fears that could also be impacted.

"We have worked so hard for these trips and BA do not have the decency or customer care to support us," he said.

"For them this has been on the cards for a long time and I cannot believe they didn't have a contingency in place."

The airline said it will offer refunds and rebookings, adding: "We will do everything we can to get as many people away on their journeys as possible."