QUESTIONS have been raised by residents after an established tree in Mudeford was felled – with someone writing on the stump left behind: “Why me?”

To the shock of many members of the community, BCP Council instructed tree surgeons to chop down the large tree which was situated alongside the pathway between Leyside/Rodney Drive and Mudeford Wood.

It is understood the tree had been in situ for decades and its removal has caused a great deal of concern.

Anne Ramsbottom, who has lived in the area for 34 years, said: “It is dreadful. The tree needed lopping but there was absolutely no need to cut down the whole tree.

“It really breaks my heart walking the dog through here now and to see just the stump there. What has been written on it says it all.

“It was the only tree along here that gave some shade and cover to the path.

“There are so many other trees that are in a poor state and need sorting but they decided to completely remove this one.

“I go past it every day and I still can’t believe what has happened.”

The removal of tree led many people to suggest on social media pages that the council had in fact ordered the felling of the wrong tree by mistake.

A BCP Council spokesperson said: “We can confirm that after the recent bad weather we received reports of damage to several trees in the area of Leyside/Rodney Drive into Mudeford Wood.

“Following these reports one tree adjacent to the footpath with a split out limb was attended to in order to make safe.

“On Saturday, August 18, another tree was reported to be of concern by a nearby resident. This was passed on to the highways team for investigation.”

The spokesperson added: “To ensure the safety of the public, it is our responsibility to remove any dead, damaged or dying trees alongside public roads or pavements that may potentially pose a risk to passers-by.”

Councillor Paul Hilliard, who represents Mudeford, Stanpit & West Highcliffe ward, said: “With trees it is all about health and safety.

“It could have been damaged or diseased.

“There must have been a reason for the officers to remove it and it is just one of those things.

“The officers are the experts in this field. In Christchurch we are very protective of our trees.”