I SETTLE down on Branksome Dene beach with my two grandchildren carefully arranging my picnic blanket and bags.

Within minutes a large wet sandy dog bounces up, leaving sand all over our blanket and starts licking our things.

The owner has a go at me for being so fussy!

Shortly after this a gentleman with two small dogs behind him passes by.

One dog does a poo right by our blanket and I call him back to remove it.

He tells me he 'always picks up', but I point out that is clearly not the case as the dogs were behind him and he wasn't watching.

Once again he has a go at me and tries to make out that I am in the wrong!

Is it me?

Surely dogs should be banned from the beach altogether in July and August?

It's not as if there are not plenty of other open spaces for dog owners to walk.


Crichel Mount Road, Poole