It's nearly the end of the summer holidays.

And whether you're a parent relieved for school to start again, or sad at the thought of them going back, you may be needing to get those school supplies and uniform sorted out still.

But with research now saying parents spend an average of £134 on school uniforms and shoes alone (up 6% from £127 in 2017), it can mean a very expensive summer for families.

We've rounded up some tips and tricks to try and drive the cost down for you (or to save for next year if you've already bought it).

  1. Supermarket savers

It's not just George at Asda which offers a good price for school uniform. Discount stores, Aldi and Lidl also have some great deals on.

While much of their range is sold out online, it's always worth a trip to the store, to see if they have any left in stock.

Sainsbury's also have a good reputation for washing well, something all parents will be glad to hear, and Poundland are also selling staples if you've got one nearby.

And it's not a supermarket per se, but if you have a little bit more to spend and are looking for something with a bit of lasting value, M&S is always a favourite because of its quality.

2. Matalan Top Cashback offer

This is a great deal. says you can get £15 cashback on school uniform or accessories online at Matalan if you’re a new Topcashback* member until Sun 15 Sep, or when 5,000 have claimed the offer, whichever’s sooner.

This means you could potentially get a ‘free’ uniform, providing you spend £15 or under.

3. There's no shame in second hand uniform

And there's more and more ways for you to find some locally. You may be lucky enough to find there's a Facebook group near you, which caters just for this purpose. Search Second Hand or Nearly New School Uniform and check your marketplace on Facebook too. You can also search eBay or even charity shops near you. You'll be amazed at what people do giveaway.

4. There might be some money you could claim

Some (a lot of them have removed this recently) local councils offer help with school uniform costs. Especially if you are also receiving a free school meals allowance.

Its worth checking here

5. If you're really struggling...

  • Contact the school your child attends to discuss it with them
  • Purchase second hand items from a school scheme 
  • Check with Job Centre Plus or Citizens Advice Bureau that you are getting all you're entitled to in terms of benefits