IN his letter of 13 August, David Sidwick, PCC Conservative Candidate, claims there is no evidence that safe injection rooms are of benefit. This is simply not true.

They have been saving lives in countries such as Denmark and Canada. The most research published in June shows they have saved 230 lives in 20 months in British Columbia which has a similar drug problem to Scotland. There have been no recorded deaths in ANY of the 78 such rooms across Europe.

These facilities not only save lives, they put addicts in daily contact with the health system and mean drug-taking and needles are not found on local streets and playgrounds.

In most discussions on this subject, addicts are presented as a sub-class of humanity. We must not forget most are addicts primarily because they have mental health problems including many veterans with PTSD. They are someone's son or daughter.

We are supposed to be a civilised, wealthy society. They do not deserve to die.


Cowper Road, Bournemouth