TEDDY bears, stuffed monkeys, ducks and other soft toys were taken for a day out at Hengistbury Head - but it was no picnic.

To the delight of their youthful owners, daring bears found themselves hauled up a kite line and dropped by parachute.

After soft landings into the arms of anxious helpers the bears were reunited with their owners, who were presented with certificates testifying to the named bear’s bravery.

The bear jumps were one of the biggest attractions at the kite festival organised by Bournemouth tourism office.

In near -perfect wind conditions, thousands of people turned out to help fly a kite or simply to enjoy the colourful spectacle which filled the sky.

Even the 600-space long-term car park at Hengistbury Head was filled on August 20, 1989, leaving late comers with a long trek back from finding a space.