RESIDENTS say 'drunk or drugged' girls lay on a pavement in Bournemouth town centre 'like zombies' last week.

Simon Grimston, who chairs the the West Hill Community group – an organisation formed to champion the West Hill area – said the incident happened in St Michael's Road on Thursday afternoon.

Claims of anti-social behaviour were made to Mr Grimston by another resident.

The resident said: "There were two drunk or drugged girls lying on the pavement – they looked like zombies.

"One drunk male was holding a bottle of cider and shouting at a passerby. He could hardly walk.

"Members of the public had to walk up the middle of the road to avoid them."

During the evening, a 'large group of intimidating males' blocked the pavement, it was claimed.

"We need more of a police presence in the area," the resident said.

Officers say they regularly patrol the neighbourhood.