CLAIMS that 'teenagers knocked out the tracking devices' on Bournemouth's new Beryl Bikes before dumping them at the beach 'appear to be rumours', according to the company behind the scheme.

In a post circulated on Facebook, it was said that the bikes' GPS systems were taken out before the cycles themselves were stolen and ridden through the Lower Gardens.

The vehicles were then dumped at the beach, it was claimed.

As reported, the bikes are part of a dockless share scheme, much like London's Boris Bikes.

Riders hire a bike through the Beryl app before picking up the three-speed gear bikes from a marked bay.

So far, the scheme has been hailed as a success. In the first month, more than 4,000 trips were completed, covering a distance equivalent to 430 trips from the Sandbanks Ferry terminal to Hengistbury Head.

Phillip Ellis, CEO of Beryl, said there have been few problems since the bikes were installed.

"We're looking into the claim, but at present, this appears to be no more than a rumour," he said.

"The connectivity of Beryl Bikes allows us to track each and every bike and it's activity, if an incident of this sort happened we would be able to see the location of the damage and would share this information with the police.

"In the few cases we have experienced in Bournemouth and Poole, the public has been very forthcoming in notifying us and the police of any issues.

"Beryl is very proud to serve the Bournemouth and Poole community, and we recognise that the majority of people use the Beryl bikes to get from A to B in a healthy, quick and affordable way."

Other bike share schemes have suffered problems with vandalism. Last month, YoBikes quit Southampton after just a year as a result of issues with cycles being damaged.