A MOTORBOAT ran aground at Sandbanks on Saturday night.

Poole lifeboat volunteers were tasked by the UK Coastguard at 7.30pm following “numerous” 999 calls from members of the public.

The vessel had run aground on the shoreline half a mile east of Shore Road.

Three people were on board the boat which was towed into deeper water by the crew.

The RNLI said one of the people on board had become “very cold” after being in the water during which time they had also swallowed some.

The casualty was taken to North Haven when they were transferred into the care of Poole Coastguard.

The lifeboat continued with towing the vessel and took it to Poole Quay Boat Haven, after the vessel was moored safely alongside, they returned back to station and was made ready for service by 9.45pm.