WE wish to respond to Mike Watkins, 'Weeds everywhere', and Tony Boardman, 'State of our town' (Letters, August 15). Mike Watkins correctly asserts that his councillors must know that the situation is not acceptable. However, had Mr Watkins contacted us directly, we would have informed him that his councillors did arrange for Headswell Avenue to be cleared of weeds on May 20. We also placed notices on cars parked along the road to inform residents that street cleaning was to be carried out and to ask if they could assist by moving the cars on the day of cleaning.

Unfortunately, weed growth this year has been prolific in all areas of the ward and we have made several representations to the council to address this problem. This week the council started to apply weed killer and clear out the kerbs.

Notwithstanding this, we agree that the quality of the street cleaning services and other aspects of highway maintenance is not good enough.

Tony Boarman asks, “Aren't the residents entitled to clean and tidy streets?” We say, of course, and we shall continue to press the council for improvements to these services whenever we can.

STEPHEN BARTLETT, JACKIE EDWARDS, councillors, Redhill and Northbourne