TRAVELLERS have pulled onto land near a Poole park, making this the fifth unauthorised encampment currently in the conurbation.

Two caravans and associated vehicles arrived at St George's Park, Darby Lane, Oakdale on Tuesday evening.

BCP Council says bin liners have been provided "in accordance with council policy in order to reduce any contamination to the land."

Officers from the local authority say they will also continue to monitor the encampment as part of the legal process to remove the travellers.

Neighbours say a number of animals, including chickens, geese and horses, are on the site.

One resident, who asked not to be named, told the Echo the area resembled a farmyard.

This time of year often sees an increase in traveller activity across the county, as many members of the gypsy and travelling community attend the Great Dorset Steam Fair, which gets underway at Tarrant Hinton next week.

Around a dozen traveller vehicles remain at a former industrial site in Upton's Blandford Road, despite demolition workers building barricades to prevent future incursions while they remain.

Neighbours said tensions have increased since the travellers moved onto the former Upton Oil Company plot, which has been derelict now for some time.

Meanwhile, at Bournemouth's Meyrick Park around a dozen caravans and associated vehicles remain on site after arriving ahead of last weekend.

Rugby matches and private functions had to be cancelled after the travellers moved onto the fields.

Keiran Downer, an Oakmedians player who lives above the clubhouse, said: “There have been kids driving around on the pitches on pit bikes and in the vans, and they were partying in one of the vans until six o’clock on Saturday morning.”

There are also three small traveller encampments at Two Riversmeet Leisure Centre, Christchurch, Alum Chine car park in Bournemouth and at Langford Way, Bournemouth.

In relation to these three sites a BCP Council spokesman said: "The council and the police are aware of the unauthorised encampments and assessments of the encampments have been carried out.

"The unauthorised encampments are being visited/monitored daily by the council."

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