FOLLOWING the report in the Echo about the vandalism at Fernheath Play, my wife and I called in, on behalf of Bournemouth North Rotary Club, to see the damage caused by the vandals. It was heartbreaking to see.

Over many years, Bournemouth North Rotary Club, along with other Rotary clubs, has helped Fernheath with funding because we have seen at first hand the great work they do for the local children. This year alone we have donated several hundred pounds to purchase swing equipment that can be used by children with a disability as well as the other youngsters. Only this month, we have donated £400 to fund days out during the school holidays for the children, which will still go ahead despite everything that has happened.

The founders of Fernheath Play, Paddy Williamson and former Bournemouth mayor Ted Taylor, have worked tirelessly for many years to keep this centre running and deserve a medal for all their efforts.

When I called in this week the helpers were looking after about 20-30 children at the indoor part of the centre with games, painting and puzzle activities but obviously the outdoor area was out of bounds due to the damage caused.

The cost of repairing the damage runs into thousands of pounds and despite what help local Rotary clubs can give, much more money and help is needed.

Are there any companies or large charitable organisations in the local area who could donate materials, manpower or money to get this centre back up and running as soon as possible? Also, what about the new BCP Council.

This centre has not received any council funding since about 2015. Surely there must be contingency emergency funds available to be used. Let’s not have committees talking about it for months. Now is the time to act.

If anyone can help in any way at all, could you please contact Fernheath Play on 01202 581008 or I am sure the Bournemouth Echo would point you in the right direction.

MALCOLM JEFFERIES, Carbery Avenue, Bournemouth