ST PETER'S school pupil Caitlin Flattery triumphed in her A-level results despite battling illness.

The delighted 18-year-old achieved an A and 2Bs despite missing a lot of school in Year 12 suffering with two fertility diseases.

Now after gaining the A grade in Philosophy she is looking forward to studying Journalism and Politics at Cardiff University.

"I failed Philosophy all year so I don't know how I achieved that, " said Caitlin who hopes to become a political correspondent.

"I got diagnosed with PCOS as well as endometriosis - both fertility diseases, at the beginning of Year 12. I was always in pain and tired and it affected me being able to go to school."

Caitlin says she was "hanging on" until she completed her A levels and finally had an operation three days after finishing her exams.

"I was quite anxious about the operations and the exams and I'd been ill for quite a while and just coping through the exams. I was so worried about the A-level results and was crying to my dad about it last night as I was convinced I wasn't going to get into university. I'm so happy now - I wasn't expecting these grades at all!"